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Don't Fuck With My Forest! -sticker- $5.00

Forest fires aren't cool. Yes, necessary in the grand scheme of Mother Nature, but not cool when started by some moron with a firework or some jerk who neglects their fire.

2017 was a horrible year for Forest Fires throughout the U.S. Especially here in Oregon. While King Wolf Design can't prevent fires started by others, we can help repair trails and other delicate parts of the forest ecosystem by donating portions of the sale of this sticker to organizations that are fighting the good fight.

50% of all profits made from these stickers will be donated to various organizations that help with trail repair, fighting for better forest management in government situations, and those who fight fire / protect others from it.

Only YOU can prevent forest fires, so don't fuck with my forests!!

High quality vinyl, made right here in the Pacific Northwest!

--Sticker is 4" square--